Music Video Analysis

Bowling for Soup –1985 This music video shows intertextuality by referencing to fashion and the change of music.

What do we see? 
Dressing as different celebrities in different time periods of music, the video is diegetic in that when the band is shown playing you hear the music in sync. 


Reel Big Fish – I Dare You To Break My Heart This music video shows a narative through out the video.

What do we see? 
You see a girl trying to get with a guy but he continuously rejects her and he ceases to acknowledge the fact she wants him, again the music is diegetic.




Introduction to audience research.


Quantitative Research

•Quantitative research is when you go out and collect information from your specific audience. The questions that you would ask are mostly closed questions, meaning the audience would only answer with a yes or no. The information would be delivered using a survey or a questionnaire. Sites such as BARB can give viewing stats about programs which producers can look at and see and make decisions based off of the stats. is a website which gives you stats about just how many people watched a specific program at a specific time.
Qualitative Research
•Qualitative research is when you go out and collect things from an audience. If you wanted to collect information for a project for a college, you would collect this information by asking 16-19 year olds because that is who studies at the college. Depending on what that project was to collect this information you would ask them questions about their personality, what they do out of college, genre of films they watch and things like what music they listen too. Qualitative research is mainly open questions where someone would have to answer in more detail then just yes or no, meaning the research is a bit more focused on a certain thing. The way this information would be delivered would be through a questionnaire or a survey.
Audience classifications
This plays on things such as class, income beliefs and values. It’s pretty much just a summary of people with a specific social stature being that for example you could be a B2 class with a fairly high income with a lot of possessions. This could be the main class for a specific program.
This is very similar to socio-economic only it’s your views and things such as aspirations instead of more materialistic items and such.
This is pretty self explanatory and is pretty much an audience for more mainstream things, for example just the current culture.
This is pretty much the opposite of the mainstream audience in that
A small and specific market, for example a group of people who want a specific film. Lords of dog town is a niche film with pretty much the only viewers being skaters,
An 18 certificate film would be targeted at around 18 + viewers but a film such as final destination wouldn’t really appeal to someone over the age of say someone over the age of 27.

Viral Videos…

What is a “Promotional Video/ Film”?
A promotional video is a marketing technique used for the promotion of a product. This can be used in in different ways such as to hook someone to your product or just give a demo to show it off.

Techniques Used?


What makes you so different?
Well the fact you’re promoting something instead of saying something in a weird way, or doing something strange kind of makes it stand out, as well as the re-precautions it has on the viewer such as engrossing them to find out more.This is an example of a “useless” viral. This has pretty much no use to someone unlike a promotional video

This is on the other hand is (well sort of) a promotional viral video. This has purpose.


Rise Against – Make it Stop (September’s Children)
This is an example of a promotional video. The song and video have a narrative following people at a school being bullied and just before the end of the video shows segments from many different people saying “It gets better”; referring to the aim of the video promoting anti-bulling and specificity homophobic bullying. At the end of the video there’s also a image showing. “”.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Ep 16 Promo “Felina”  – S P O I L E R S –
This is another example of a promo for Breaking Bad; These are usually at the end of most programmes giving you a brief overview of the next episode with a few key points and usualy some out of context things creating cliff hangers drawing back the viewer for another sitting.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Promo-
This is a sales promo showing off all of the key and best features of the phone. This in turn is a good move for a promo but with showing features the video goes on for over four minuets leaving most viewers quite bored. As a sales pitch you want do draw the consumer to your product, but with this promo there is a song with text; which personally doesn’t attract me at all.

What do these videos have in common you may ask?


  • They all make the recipient want to either find out more about what they are seeing.
  • They promote. (kind of obvious)
  • They endure you to find out more.

What have I learnt?
This report has lead me to find out that promotional videos usually leave the watcher wanting to either find our more thus sparking interest in a product and with enough interest you can gather backers and followers making a snow ball effect gaining more and more momentum making you stand out from the rest.

Codes and Conventions.


The purposes of music videos-

Well the main purpose of music videos is to promote whether its a product, project, band, society and other things, for example “The ill mind of Hopsin 5” is a song about the lifestyle of today’s society.

Extension of income:
In short you get more money. When or if a song is used in an advert as a backing the band can receive royalties so if you add anther way I could be played you increase the playtime it has this increasing royalties.

Extension of outlets:
Play a song once > only the select few hear it
Play a song twice > more people hear it soooo the more it’s played the more people get to hear it meaning you get more of an audience and gain a following for what ever it is you’re promoting whether that be the band, a product or whatever.

Music video ideas

Few music video ideas-
Not a clue if any of these will be used as i seem to have a ‘unpopular’ taste in music but doesn’t matter aye!

Blink 182 – Always ( No way we could do this but it looks nice so yeah)
The video is about breakups and stuff

A Day To Remember – All I Want
The video is just the band playing as live but with other people from other bands singing some of the parts

A Day To Remember – All Signs Point to Lauderdale
The video is about bullies and getting their just deserts

ENTER SHIKARI – Arguing With Thermometers
The video is just the band playing as live and set out like a news report

Marianas Trench – Desperate Measures
The video is part of a bigger series of videos about relationships and breakups

Reel Big Fish – Everything Sucks
The video is about the band getting money and also as if they’re playing live

Hopsin – How You Like Me Now
The video is of Hopsin and SwizZz live and also one again about bullies

Carly Rae Jepsen – Sour Candy
The video is of two people in what may be relationship counseling

Stick To Your Guns – Amber
The video is as if the band were playing live and a story about a girl

blink-182 – Wishing Well
The video is clips from blink playing live and clips of the guys backstage.

I’ve chosen these videos as one’s i think i could do as a swede as they all fairly easy with the amount of shots and lack of anything really happening in the video that would either require a lot of choreography or just people to help. Again the majority of the videos are mainly the band playing as if it was live and either a short story or just full of silly things happening
Some of the songs go along with the story for example “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” is about bullies getting their just deserts as it were but that’s pretty off topic…

Fargo sound tack analysation

Through out the whole of the clip you’re hearing a score created by Carter Burwell, as the scene starts off you start off hearing Carl shouting profanities at the TV and slowly you get the score creeping in, as the scene isn’t very complicated as some sound can go you have three main things:

Dialogue: (Well firstly only Carl is talking making it a monologue but yeah…) As you enter the scene you have very little dialogue besides “God damn it” and an over whelming use of the word “Fuck”. This could also be listed as a foley monologue because you can’t see Carl talking making it easier to dub.

Score: Again as the scene goes on you will be met with a quite calming music which gives a odd feel about the scene. Usually people shouting and banging things could be seen as an intimidating thing but in this scene gives it an almost comical effect making the people seem quite useless. This kind of flips the perspective on the whole situation given that they have one hostage.

Foley/ Sound effects/ Ambient sound: There was at least one moment where the sounds were put in after the filming and that was the banging of the TV, this would be because of distortion in the recording if the voice was recorded in the original shot, there is also a small bit of ambient noise or background noise of like a cooler or generator in the background.




Now we’ve uploaded the finished film here we are…

Multi-Camera Production

As a group we shot a round about copy of never mind the buzzcocks, in this we filmed an introduction and one round. All in all it went pretty well, it only took a few shots to actually get a finished project. Some things didn’t go that well such as the script which considering we were filming a comedy program it wasn’t very funny. With only having three cameras and one of those being static we didn’t really have much of a chance to move the cameras without having either movement for the viewer or a constant switch between the two teams; this could of been improved by having two cameras per team and one static for the host but in total have one crane shot for the establishing shot at the start- in total having around 6+ cameras. The idea behind having two cameras between one team is so as one camera may be getting a shot of the whole team the second camera could be going for a close up on the first guest whilst then the vision mixer switches to him the first camera could then go the second guest and the cameras could be going between like this allowing for more fluid movement between people instead of just having one person trying to get three shots and to a close up to a reaction shot. I think it went well for the majority of the time but as i stated some things could have been improved to make a more “liquid production” to ensure that everything the vision mixer did made it look like fluid movement between shots.