Censorship/ Sexualisation

“Censorship” what is it?
Censorship is a word used a lot in media, you’ll most commonly see it in the news; the word describes the action of blocking out a certain ‘thing’ for example – Music videos played on certain channels censor things out such as gestures; this is simply because profanity.. some things can be shown after certain times for example swearing is a lot more accepted after nine o’clock obviously prevention children from seeing and hearing such things. Censorship has it’s pros and cons for example and the primary reason being most adults don’t want their children hearing such things this is a pro for the parents. But, some more hard hitting things can’t be shown which again in some eyes are good but it can also restrict from what people really know and can desensitize people from what’s really happening in the world. As an example if a program about drugs was on showing the post effects of drug abuse some people would not see the dangerous side to things. This also removes the chance of a television company to be in trouble as if a parent was to contact them about a showing past nine there’s nothing that can be done. The cons are things such as the internet these days as there are pretty much no restrictions, you turn off safe filtering and you are met with a plethoric of things you may of wanted to shield your child from and nowadays with the chance to access the web from anywhere it’s pretty hard to limit what people see. Even now sites exist which are continuously slated for their “edgy” community which can be accessed anywhere with a simple tick box accepting the age being over 18. The song “Sex Education” – The King Blues touches on the subject of how easy it is to access thing’s which are age restricted. 

“Is there a relationship between violence on screen and violence on the real world?”
In reality? Yes.
Personally? No.
I personally feel as though people grieved by such things happening to them will look and latch on to anything to blame besides their own spouse or parenting (But who would want to accept something as their own fault in today’s society?). Anyway..
You can’t deny that some things that have happened has been because of pre seen violence but on the other hand you can’t solely blame what has been seen, you’d need to take in their mental state as well; For example the game “Manhunt” was to blame for the death of Stefan Pakeerah (14) by the hands of his friend Warren Leblanc (17). This is rated 18 by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) which is the game equivalent of the BBFC, but being only 17 he shouldn’t of even had the game.
Another example is the Culmbine High School massacre of April 20th 1999 which ensued for 49 minutes which ended with 15 deaths along with both shooters dead, this was blamed on the game “Doom” and not the potential fact that one of the shooters had manic and suicidal thoughts and was put on antidepressants. 






“(sexualise) sexualize: make sexual, endow with sex, attribute sex”
Empowering? Free? Liberating? Just business?
These are some of the “pros” to sexualisation. As has been said before “sex sells” and this is defiantly true in the media world, everything we see on TV has previously been told yes or no as to what airs and studies show that the sexualisation of things will sell it better; in wrestling at certain intervals a ‘woman’ will come out and she is there to keep entertainment when the action isn’t happening, her attire is pretty revealing and this for entertainment; the woman taking part knows what she’s wearing and knows her job so you can’t really argue against it. Another example of this is “Beyoncé – Partition” Throughout the whole song she’s barely clothed and referencing sex in the lyrics; she knew exactly what she was doing and singing about and people love the song although there’s some slate in the comments about the music video as it is so sexual but also has true points about the society we live in now for example:
Casey Spaos – “Children are viewing, embracing, and emulating the whore archetype. And her ridiculously deluded fans say she “empowers” girls. Being a stripper, whore, sex object for the Industry controllers is what passes for empowerment among hallow soulless vapid dull messes. Rihanna even more so. What a cesspool the Industry has become.” This shows that not everyone is for the sexualisation of women and can cause problems. On the other hand people such as Alvaro Garcia say “This is not porn, erotism is a part of our culture…”
This music video is obviously meant to entertain and does so to the right audience. 
An example of the man being sexualised is Ushers “Trading Places” which sexualises both sexes but empowers the woman instead of the man which people doen’t seem to fussed about this is the same for another music video by Rihanna “S&M”  which again the women are in power which again causes no uproar. This video has a slight mention about how she’s seen and how the press talk about her for example the press write down thing’s like “slut” as a description of her and show’s newspapers saying “daddy issues”.


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