Denoted fist – connotes fighting – Fist, rebellious salute/ against the system (follows the film) – Soap, pink, attract women? – Smirk, knowing something I don’t? – colours, red, green/ danger, naïve – Tagline



Content- The poster shows Tyler holding soap and the narrator in the background,  Tyler is holding soap with the words “Fight Club” which is obviously showing the title of the film, you can see a small blood stain on the narrators shirt collar at the bottom of the poster which may edge towards a more violent film. The narrator is smirking which could point towards the fact he knows something maybe the recipient (you) don’t know. Tyler has a more menacing face and is looking more aggressive

Language- The language again isn’t really the key to to poster nor is there much of it; “Mischeif. Mayhem. Soap.” is what’s used in the poster and does what reference what the film is about, from the outset you see the word soap and could be thinking ‘what’ but in the film Tyler makes soap; although this could not be what it means. The film is about a fight club yes, but it is more of a psychological thing and the soap could be a reference to the drama in the film instead.

Genre- The genre from the title could be action, fighting or anything like that but again personally feels more of a psychological thriller or just head spinner as towards the end of the film the film gets flipped upside down.

Imagery- The imagery is a strange green, yellow and general uneasy colours.

Style- The style again is very minimalistic in the sense of text and obvious/ in your face sales points etc, but does have some subtle hints.


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