Audience – superheroes – pre-existing action in poster – dark outside – red and blue Spiderman stands out – dark word – mundane world/ bleak – Following the typical conventions – centred text – small print at the bottom – Straight to the point – use of adjectives – contrasting colours for title and Spiderman himself against the background – showing action in a still with the smashed glass – recognisable font – futuristic –



Content- This poster shows a bleak, dark and dingy city scape with Spiderman swinging high above and smashing through glass, this obviously gives the image some action already without knowing anything more, Spiderman is also battle damaged potentially telling that he has been in a fight.

Language- There isn’t much text on the image but the main text they want you to read is “The Amazing Spiderman”. This is set out in a  way in which is in contrast to the dull city scape, the city is a dark blue and grey and the text is blue with a very small red and black border, this makes it stand out and catches the eye in turn making people read it.

Genre- This has kind of been covered, the glass smashing and the battle damage on Spiderman can give the sense of action and potential danger, setting the expectations for an action film.

Imagery- The image again previously covered; a dark and dingy city.

Style- The poster is very minimalistic and doesn’t really show off much at a first glance but after analysation shows off its connotative meaning, and how Spiderman is the only light in a dark city.


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