Modes of address

De notation – what you see
Connotation – what it means

6 main points
Content – tells us what the product is about. True, funny, serious, fictional

Language – friendly style can sound different to a formal one, child’s presenter will be different to a news reader and can also give certain feel as they speak

Genre – comedy show is most likely to address the audience in an informal way

Narrative – way the content is put in to an order / the story
If they mess up the way the story is told can change the meaning
Open narrative – Unresolved ending
Closed narrative – No loose ends
Multi strand – different stores happining at the same time
Alternative Narrative – not following from start to end, jump through time without a clear order of events

Imagery – paints a picture without giving text, can help clarify the idea of what they’re getting at

Style – the summary of everything, imagery language and music all together


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