Introduction to audience research.


Quantitative Research

•Quantitative research is when you go out and collect information from your specific audience. The questions that you would ask are mostly closed questions, meaning the audience would only answer with a yes or no. The information would be delivered using a survey or a questionnaire. Sites such as BARB can give viewing stats about programs which producers can look at and see and make decisions based off of the stats. is a website which gives you stats about just how many people watched a specific program at a specific time.
Qualitative Research
•Qualitative research is when you go out and collect things from an audience. If you wanted to collect information for a project for a college, you would collect this information by asking 16-19 year olds because that is who studies at the college. Depending on what that project was to collect this information you would ask them questions about their personality, what they do out of college, genre of films they watch and things like what music they listen too. Qualitative research is mainly open questions where someone would have to answer in more detail then just yes or no, meaning the research is a bit more focused on a certain thing. The way this information would be delivered would be through a questionnaire or a survey.
Audience classifications
This plays on things such as class, income beliefs and values. It’s pretty much just a summary of people with a specific social stature being that for example you could be a B2 class with a fairly high income with a lot of possessions. This could be the main class for a specific program.
This is very similar to socio-economic only it’s your views and things such as aspirations instead of more materialistic items and such.
This is pretty self explanatory and is pretty much an audience for more mainstream things, for example just the current culture.
This is pretty much the opposite of the mainstream audience in that
A small and specific market, for example a group of people who want a specific film. Lords of dog town is a niche film with pretty much the only viewers being skaters,
An 18 certificate film would be targeted at around 18 + viewers but a film such as final destination wouldn’t really appeal to someone over the age of say someone over the age of 27.

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