Viral Videos…

What is a “Promotional Video/ Film”?
A promotional video is a marketing technique used for the promotion of a product. This can be used in in different ways such as to hook someone to your product or just give a demo to show it off.

Techniques Used?


What makes you so different?
Well the fact you’re promoting something instead of saying something in a weird way, or doing something strange kind of makes it stand out, as well as the re-precautions it has on the viewer such as engrossing them to find out more.This is an example of a “useless” viral. This has pretty much no use to someone unlike a promotional video

This is on the other hand is (well sort of) a promotional viral video. This has purpose.


Rise Against – Make it Stop (September’s Children)
This is an example of a promotional video. The song and video have a narrative following people at a school being bullied and just before the end of the video shows segments from many different people saying “It gets better”; referring to the aim of the video promoting anti-bulling and specificity homophobic bullying. At the end of the video there’s also a image showing. “”.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Ep 16 Promo “Felina”  – S P O I L E R S –
This is another example of a promo for Breaking Bad; These are usually at the end of most programmes giving you a brief overview of the next episode with a few key points and usualy some out of context things creating cliff hangers drawing back the viewer for another sitting.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Promo-
This is a sales promo showing off all of the key and best features of the phone. This in turn is a good move for a promo but with showing features the video goes on for over four minuets leaving most viewers quite bored. As a sales pitch you want do draw the consumer to your product, but with this promo there is a song with text; which personally doesn’t attract me at all.

What do these videos have in common you may ask?


  • They all make the recipient want to either find out more about what they are seeing.
  • They promote. (kind of obvious)
  • They endure you to find out more.

What have I learnt?
This report has lead me to find out that promotional videos usually leave the watcher wanting to either find our more thus sparking interest in a product and with enough interest you can gather backers and followers making a snow ball effect gaining more and more momentum making you stand out from the rest.

Codes and Conventions.


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