Fargo sound tack analysation

Through out the whole of the clip you’re hearing a score created by Carter Burwell, as the scene starts off you start off hearing Carl shouting profanities at the TV and slowly you get the score creeping in, as the scene isn’t very complicated as some sound can go you have three main things:

Dialogue: (Well firstly only Carl is talking making it a monologue but yeah…) As you enter the scene you have very little dialogue besides “God damn it” and an over whelming use of the word “Fuck”. This could also be listed as a foley monologue because you can’t see Carl talking making it easier to dub.

Score: Again as the scene goes on you will be met with a quite calming music which gives a odd feel about the scene. Usually people shouting and banging things could be seen as an intimidating thing but in this scene gives it an almost comical effect making the people seem quite useless. This kind of flips the perspective on the whole situation given that they have one hostage.

Foley/ Sound effects/ Ambient sound: There was at least one moment where the sounds were put in after the filming and that was the banging of the TV, this would be because of distortion in the recording if the voice was recorded in the original shot, there is also a small bit of ambient noise or background noise of like a cooler or generator in the background.




Now we’ve uploaded the finished film here we are…


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