Multi-Camera Production

As a group we shot a round about copy of never mind the buzzcocks, in this we filmed an introduction and one round. All in all it went pretty well, it only took a few shots to actually get a finished project. Some things didn’t go that well such as the script which considering we were filming a comedy program it wasn’t very funny. With only having three cameras and one of those being static we didn’t really have much of a chance to move the cameras without having either movement for the viewer or a constant switch between the two teams; this could of been improved by having two cameras per team and one static for the host but in total have one crane shot for the establishing shot at the start- in total having around 6+ cameras. The idea behind having two cameras between one team is so as one camera may be getting a shot of the whole team the second camera could be going for a close up on the first guest whilst then the vision mixer switches to him the first camera could then go the second guest and the cameras could be going between like this allowing for more fluid movement between people instead of just having one person trying to get three shots and to a close up to a reaction shot. I think it went well for the majority of the time but as i stated some things could have been improved to make a more “liquid production” to ensure that everything the vision mixer did made it look like fluid movement between shots. 



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