Describe multi-camera techniques.
The multiple camera setup is the method of shooting films and television programs-
You have lots of cameras record or broadcast depending on the type.
It’s often contrasted with a single camera set-up which just uses one camera on set.

Why are they used in the industry? Programs that use multi-camera.
Multi-cameras are used in the industry as a way to get more out of one scene, for example if someone was to tell a joke on a panel show you can have camera positioned for the person telling the joke and then a reaction shot of different people and then in post you can switch between the two – most panel shows use this.

This also gives for more effective shoot time as more can be shot in less time which would be more for daily soaps.

Examples of typical multi camera set-ups.
The main kind of program’s that use multi-camera would be things such as game/panel and quiz shows – sport program’s – soaps, this again allows for quicker shooting making it a more time efficient.

For example this diagram shows the camera set up of mock the week:

This has the camera positions and the switches between each camera-
This goes from a crane shot to a mid shot of the host and so on..

Footage analysation.


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