Three Programs

Match of the Day:

Starts off; like most other programs with an introduction of which which consists of a lot of old footage of football and progressively getting newer to then the title screen showing the name of the program. The next shot is a establishing shot slowly panning down to a 3 shot with one man in the foreground and two in the background sat down. The convention of this is just jeans and a shirt meaning it’s not vey formal at all..

10’o Clock News:

The program starts straight off with a mid-shot of the news reader reading the news headlines and then the introduction of the actual program and then goes to a establishing shot panning down showing off the news reader behind a desk and then straight back to the news reader reading the headlines. This is a very formal program with suits and ties but this is kind of obvious considering they are giving the news of the world so you want to be giving the best to your appearance.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks:

The program starts off with a title sequence then an establishing shot on a dolly or track going across the stage to then the host, introducing the program and the guests with a reaction shot when the host talks about them, you then for the rest of the program watch one of three shots at either team one, the host or team two. This has a sort of smart-but-not-too-fancy kind of convention like jeans and a tie kind of clothes.


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