Fargo Swede review


Some things surprisingly well considering how it actually turned out. With not having very much dialogue to work with it had to kind of lie with the camera shots but with the poor lighting we couldent really rely on that either and with Billy’s constant swearing we pretty much had a comedy factor.

•Things that went well•
+Camera shots
+Audio (Billy’s lines)

These things make the scene quite good and mimic the actual shot quite well.

•Things that didn’t go well•
+Shot location

We didn’t have a cabin to shoot our shot in we just did it in a dark classroom. We could have organised our props a bit better and used a proper lamp instead of three mobile phones to light up the room which after filming we found out, maby in post production we could of brightened it up but none of us had much experience with premier.

All in all I think we could have researched how to use the software a bit better to ease us when it came to the editing instead of just being handed software and being told “here you go, you have until Friday”.


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